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You could call us an "off shoot" of our parent company IRG Property, formed due to the clear lack of an affordable and, above all, professional and attentive management company was sorely lacking. More so in some parts of the Algarve than others.

However with such a large and diverse client base, as well as the large geographical area that IRG Property cover, we felt the time was right to provide a full management service to our client's.

Our idea was and will remain, simple. To retain our client’s for the duration of their property buying and owning life time, we should be right there with you. Helping you and making sure if there are any issues (which we can assure you there will be!) they’re taken care of in a timely and professional manner causing our owners as little disruption and of course cost, as possible.

When we formed this part of our business it was key to identify the core elements needed to fulfil our high requirements.

As someone with a wealth of experience in the property management business from running his own large property management company in the US, Stephen Anderson provided the necessary fundamentals that we built the team around.

Efficiency, clear and affordable pricing structures and a transparent account reporting system. As a property owner, knowing what you’re paying for is of vital importance.

Coupled with this the need of a dedicated and professional team of tradesmen and cleaning services are paramount to a successful property.

Once we had this in place, well, the rest was easy! Our team look forward to helping you with your property here in the Algarve and will strife to offer the best service we can. Mistakes may well happen, but it’s our firm belief we offer a service second to none.

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