Algrave Property Management Services

Property Management Services

What do we do?

We provide all kinds of services related to your property. From the most luxurious family holiday home to a buy to let apartment. Our goal is always the same, your total satisfaction in our services.

We set out below a list of our principal Services but if you need something outwith this remit, of course we can always find a solution.

Property Maintenance:

Property Visits: Your property will be visited every two weeks when it is standing vacant. We will check that the structure and the contents are safe and secure. If extreme weather conditions are experienced, for example continued torrential rain, further visits will be carried out to ensure the integrity of your property.

Visits will not be undertaken when your property is occupied by guests. Any additional visit requested by owners will be charged at €25 for the first hour in attendance and €15 per hour thereafter during regular working hours. Unsociable hours will be charged at a different rate depending on the day and time involved.

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Payment of Bills: Any bills received at the property will be paid as long as there are sufficient funds in the client account. It is recommended, however, that you put your utility bills on a direct debit arrangement with your local bank. This will reduce the risk of missed payments and utilities being disconnected, resulting in a reconnection charge.

Statements: A fully itemized monthly statement will be sent showing all transactions in your account.

Utilities: Water, gas and electricity supplies will be monitored to ensure continuity.

Gardening: We offer a full gardening service with lawn and garden maintenance, as well as full design packages should you wish to change your current garden.

Swimming Pools: As one of the most integral parts of the property, a weekly maitenance and cleaning service is a priority, and as such one that we can offer.

Repairs & Maintenance: Should we find anything within the property that requires attention we will contact you immediately with the issue at hand, as well as arrange a quotation to rectify the problem.

Any urgent repairs that would cause further damage to your property if not fixed immediately will be done even if we cannot obtain your instruction to go ahead. (limited up to €250 in cost)

General Assistance: As well as the basic services, we offer something of a concierge service to all our property owners. If you ever need some advice on restaurants, car hire, Sky TV installation or even which beach to go to ... We are here at your service to help!

There is no limit to this and of course there is no extra cost to you for any help and advice we provide.

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